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Design Feature 1859 Magazine

Designer Spotlight in 1859 Magazine


As Featured In “Cottage Style” Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015/16 Edition


As Featured in Spring 2015 “Best of Flea Market Style”


Tiny House Nation

Sarah and The Arrow House were¬†featured on Season 3, Episode 10 of Tiny House Nation that aired 8/5/2015.    

Sarah Writes for Houzz: Clues to Your Home’s Architectural History

Many people have some familiarity with architectural eras and styles and how they look on a grander scale. But in most homes, the hallmarks of architectural style are diluted, and the square footage has been reduced to build a more affordable house. These homes are the ones you see in neighborhoods all over the country. Though they're small and often unassuming, it is amazing how many attributes they have in common with their bigger versions.