Sarah Writes for Houzz: Clues to Your Home’s Architectural History

Many people have some familiarity with architectural eras and styles and how they look on a grander scale. But in most homes, the hallmarks of architectural style are diluted, and the square footage has been reduced to build a more affordable house. These homes are the ones you see in neighborhoods all over the country. Though they're small and often unassuming, it is amazing how many attributes they have in common with their bigger versions.

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Sarah's Little White Cottage is featured on Bliss Blog.

Featured on Houzz: Kitchen of the Week

Sarah's Sparrow House is featured on Houzz as the Kitchen of the Week.

Building a Better Central Oregon Award

COAR Recognizes Local Firms Building a Better Central Oregon Cascade Business News, Nov 5, 2013 The Central Oregon Association of REALTORS (COAR) hosted its annual Building a Better Central Oregon (BBCO) awards Thursday, October 24, recognizing outstanding new, influential and innovative construction and improvements to residential and commercial structures. […]

Sarah writes for Houzz: Considering a Fixer-Upper?

Many of us share the same dream: find an adorable fixer-upper in a great location and set out to make it swoonworthy. But when the budget isn't limitless, it becomes even more important to know what to look for before purchasing a house that needs a lot of work. Older homes often have underlying safety and construction issues, and you can save a lot of time and money by planning for them.

Sarah Writes for Houzz: Love the One You’re With

When people first meet a house that's unloved and neglected, or out of date and unappealing, the tendency can be to rush into demolition or take everything away and start from scratch. But tearing down a house means that some of the best features and charm will be lost forever. Plus, a huge amount of waste is created. And everyone's homes start to look the same when the quirky old is replaced with the same, off-the-shelf new.