Love It

Jennifer Griswold is the kind of friend whose smile lights up a room. Blessed with an eye for design and the ability to freshen up anyone’s style, Jennifer recently started Love It, a home re-creation business in Bend, OR. Jennifer and I have been friends for a long time. We share a love for design [...]

A Handmade Woodland Baby Shower

My friends and I gathered together every Sunday for weeks to plan and create a baby shower for our dear friend Laura Silva. We decided it would have a woodland theme and include some of her favorite things.     One Sunday we made tissue paper pom poms and strung them with ribbon that everyone brought [...]

Heaven is a Little Place on Earth

If it is possible to contain all I love, outside of my children and family, in one place, that place is The Writing by Writers Workshop at Tomales Bay.     The smell of eucalyptus and sage surrounds you as you walk to your workshop in the morning. You look out and the fog is [...]

Marin Sun Farms – Pasture Raised, Sustainable, Delicious

As you head out of Point Reyes Station, there is a storefront that you could miss if you didn’t know what you were looking for. A wooden cow hangs over the door, and large letters in the outdoor seating area spell out Marin Sun Farms.     This is a butcher shop, but a very [...]

Quirky towns, rolling green hills, windswept beaches, happy cows, and did I mention the food?

I’m about to give away one of my secrets, but it isn’t really a secret, not to the throngs of lycra and leather clad bikers on the weekends, not to Bill and Hilary Clinton, or Prince Tupouto’A of Tonga, who apparently went to my favorite tack store in Point Reyes Station to get fitted for [...]